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Why BBA is a Good Career Option


BBA or Bachelors in Business Administration is one of the most sorted and demanded courses of this era. It gives the insight of business economics, marketing, accountancy, financial management, material management, entrepreneurship, industrial relations, and organizational management. The eligibility criteria of enrolling this course is a higher secondary degree and the percentage vary from college to college. In general, the percentage required for pursuing this course is 50%. However, the aspirant must be 17 to 25 years. Most of the universities conduct entrance examinations for enrolling the candidates. Today we will read why BBA is a good career option.

What are the career opportunities of BBA?

1.       Finance manager

2.       Information systems manager

3.       Marketing manager

4.       Pursuing MBA

5.       Human resource manager

6.       Business development executive

7.       Human resource manager

8.       Business administration researcher

9.       Research and development manager

10.   Business consultant

What are the top 5 benefits of BBA?

1.       BBA gives you easier access to studying an MBA

2.       BBA graduates get access to great jobs and salaries

3.       BBA degrees cover a lot of cool subjects

4.       BBA gives broad decision-making knowledge and entrepreneurship skill development.

5.       BBA is beneficial for those people who are unsure of what field of commerce they are supposed to choose

Why is BBA a good career option?

Not only this, but you are also allowed to take a job in Supply Chain Management, HR Management, Marketing Management, and Tourism Management. Moreover, BBA shows the way of MBA, entrepreneurship, consultancy, digital marketing industry, advertising industry, media industry, and entertainment industry. You can apply in banks, educational institutes, railways, tourism sector, teaching sector, financial organizations, business consultancies, marketing organizations, multinational companies, and export companies after pursuing this course. These are the reasons why BBA is a good career option. The stepping stone of MBA gives a basic idea on the business principles and strategies. It helps an individual in gaining essential knowledge about the fundamentals of administration and the corporate world. The salary after BBA starts from 15,000. Pursue this course if you have an utmost interest in business and administration.